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Editorial news: Technology in ELT

Publicado el 28 de febrero del 2019

Portada del libro Technology in ELT

Harold Castañeda-Peña
Carolina Rodríguez Buitrago
Juliana Díaz Gamboa
Martha Adelaida Ramírez
Jonathon Reinhardt
Carmen Helena Guerrero Nieto
Pilar Méndez Rivera
Maria Eugenia López
Luis Jesús Rincon Ussa
Jairo Enrique Castañeda Trujillo

The chapters in this book illustrate a central debate: “Technology in ELT: Achievements and challenges for ELT development”. Surrounding this debate, one could draw on the relationships of agency and awareness in social media incorporation to education and L2 literacy development. One could also draw on the idea of (re)configuring resistances to fixed language teacher profiles and professional development opportunities for in-service teacher working within virtual learning environments.

The book also illustrates research on preservice English language teacher, which aids to fuel the debate whether one incorporates strategies for lesson planning, for pedagogical reflection or for planning language instruction. Finally, within this debate, workshops inspired in principles of flipped learning explore the usefulness of thinking language instruction, skills development and professional development differently. What next? This book is a contribution to the debate and hopefully will be used as basis for continuing debating the issues that would open doors for new Technology in ELT achievementsand challenges.

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